Vibrant Archive of the Moving Image, The Film Archive

12 November 2008

The Film Archive

A visit into the Film Archive collection, via our main building in central Wellington, or our Auckland office on K Road or throughout the country at our Video Access Sites in various galleries and libraries, is like hitching a ride with the Cowie family (pictured left) on their summer holiday adventure.

A trip back in time to a New Zealand past is much more realistic in moving form. The laughing, jumping, driving, playing figures feel the sunshine and taste the ice-cream, transporting the viewer into untold hours of footage unique to our cultural and social heritage.

The Film Archive has two main collections: the moving image collection of film and video which date from 1895 to the present day and includes feature films, documentaries, short films, home movies, newsreels, television programmes and film and television advertisements. Viewing of this footage is made available to watch for free to all New Zealanders.

A large documentation collection is also held on the second floor of the Archive in Wellington and covers the two strands; film making and audience reception. The Jonathan Dennis Library includes publicity materials, photographs, manuscripts, posters, production records, equipment and props. Jake the Muss’s boots, the minis from Goodbye Pork Pie and the gun from Utu, Researchers are invited to visit the library and study the popular culture and audience behaviours and reaction around cinema going, as well as the records of film making in New Zealand.

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Image: Caravan image – Personal Record. Cowie, Dr. GBA. [Caravan Holiday] Video excerpt from the original 16mm Object Number F11300