The story of Owaka Museum

27 March 2009

Owaka Museum

Once upon a time the members of the Owaka community decided to create a museum to preserve their history.

That museum was the Owaka Museumand it grew and grew and grew until it outgrew the old building that housed it.

The community members who set up the museum and volunteers at the museum  said,

“What shall we do?”

“Let’s build a bigger, better museum”. And they did.

After they had filled out lots of forms, had lots of meetings and raised lots of money, they got enough money to build a new museum. It took seven years.

Appropriately at Labour Weekend 2007, a big opening  celebration was held with a parade, a market and speeches. People came from far and wide.  It only rained a little.

This small town has created a big success.

They have just been awarded the Supreme Award at the Trustpower  Clutha District community awards for 2008.

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