On the road in the North Island

By Sally August, Museum Development Adviser North Island, National Services Te Paerangi

Ngā mihi o te tau hou

A belated happy New Year to you all! Over the last couple of months I’m pleased to say I’ve squeezed in a few museum visits, and in recent weeks have been furiously trying to catch up on an overflowing inbox and a pile of ServiceIQ National Certificate in Museum Practice assessments, with more winging their way to me as I write.

Congratulations to all those who have completed their ServiceIQ National Certificate in Museum Practice or are studying hard towards completion. It’s always heartening to see museum staff and volunteers advancing their professional qualifications and getting recognition for their knowledge and skills.

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Thank you to Derek Wilson, Richard Airey and the Martinborough Museum team for hosting me before Christmas and for sharing your development priorities. Also a huge thanks must go to National Preservation Office Field Conservator, Vicki-Anne Heikell, and the Wairarapa Archive staff for offering your support and expertise to this team.

Collaboration – working in partnership with museums, galleries and iwi

Over recent months I’ve received a number of calls and emails asking who might be the best person or organisation to contact about certain matters. I’ve provided advice and access to best practice resources, and connected people with experts either within Te Papa or a fellow national organisation. As a result I thought it might be helpful to share a list of organisations working hard to support the GLAM sector and iwi across Aotearoa.

This information was first published in article by Tamara Patten for the Museums Aotearoa blog, August 2014

Please note this isn’t a full and final list of national organisations you could be seeking support, advice or partnerships with. If you’d like to discuss who would be best, contact please feel free to contact the National Services Te Paerangi team.

Archives New Zealand

Archives New Zealand provides training and guidance around working with archives and managing records and information. They can assist with queries around subjects like digitising records, retention and disposal of archives, community archives, and working with the Public Records Act. They have a wonderful resource on their website – Records Toolkit – which is packed with helpful guidance for the management of archives and record.

National Library of New Zealand

The Alexander Turnbull Library Outreach Services team and the National Preservation Office (NPO) are a team of experts who work with iwi, museums, galleries, archives, libraries, documentary heritage type collections or focused organisations. They also provide advice to individuals caring for books, archives, photographs, sound recordings and works of art. This team has a variety of excellent resources online, and can be contacted for face-to-face visits and advice. They hold training workshops on preservation and conservation. Outreach Services also has two oral history advisers who run workshops and provide advice on capturing oral histories.

The National Library is the home of DigitalNZ. They offer a series of useful online guides to anyone seeking advice on digitising collections.

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Franklin Heritage Group cluster Care of Archives in Museums workshop with presenter Vicki-Anne Heikell, Field Conservator, Alexander Turnbull Library.

Museums Aotearoa

Museums Aotearoa is the professional membership body for the museum sector. Museums Aotearoa provides advocacy and a representative voice for the sector. They host discussion forums, conduct sector research, provide an up-to-date museums directory, and are the place to go if you want to find (or advertise) a job in a New Zealand museum. They also deliver networking events and the museum sector’s annual conference (the next one is in Auckland on the 15-19 May 2015 and is the first joint conference with Museums Australia and Museums Aotearoa).

In the Museums Directory you’ll find a more comprehensive list of national organisations that may be of assistance, refer to pages 11 – 16.

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Museums Aotearoa Executive Director, Phillipa Tocker, speaking at a Northland Museums Association cluster meeting held in the recently opened Mangawhai Museum.

National Services Te Paerangi

National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP) works throughout Aotearoa in partnership with museums, galleries and iwi, offering a range of practical and strategic programmes aimed at strengthening and building capacity in the sector. NSTP provides museum-related training, small funding grants, online and hardcopy resources, access to face-to-face expertise and advice. Regionally-based Museum and Iwi Development Officers can provide on-site support for your organisation. NSTP is good at making connections between people, organisations with a need, and experts who can help.

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The National Services Te Paerangi team

Here are some other organisations that offer specific support to the GLAM sector and iwi:

Helpful Groups

It is also possible to get support and advice by joining a network of people doing a similar job to you. Here is non-exhaustive list of some of the established museum sector groups you could consider joining:

It’s also key to acknowledge the important role that museum cluster groups play. They’re a great way to find support, get advice, to advocate for change using a collective voice, talk with like-minded people about your organisation’s concerns and struggles, and hopefully to find cost effective solutions. For those regions that don’t already have a network like this in place, perhaps it’s time to think about inviting those nearby for a cuppa at your museum to share your thoughts, organisational priorities, struggles, solutions, to talk about effective partnerships, and go on a tour around a fellow museum, gallery or cultural centre.

If you have any questions on a museum, gallery or iwi matters or are unable to locate the services, resources or information you need, please feel free to call National Services Te Pareangi on freephone 0508 NSTP HELP (0508 678 743) or email natserv@tepapa.govt.nz.

The National Services Te Paerangi team and I look forward to hearing from and working in partnership with you this year.

Ngā mihi nui, na

Sally August