Last chance to experience the Rhythm and Spirit of West Africa in Dunedin!

Thursday 12 November

Otago Museum

Time is running out for Otago residents to discover the dynamic cultures of West Africa right here in Dunedin, with the Otago Museum’s West Africa: Rhythm + Spirit due to end its run on 22 November.

The colourful exhibition has captured the imaginations of over 21,000 visitors since its 11 July opening.

With over 200 exhibits from 28 different West African cultural groups, West Africa: Rhythm + Spirit touches on subjects from spiritual beliefs to daily life, masks to music, cloth to carving and more. The many intriguing items in the exhibition are complemented by the sights and sounds of West Africa in the form of audiovisual components – and the opportunity to try your skills at African djembe drumming with an interactive drumset.

The objects that feature in West Africa: Rhythm + Spirit are from the collection of Dunedin locals Joel and Patricia Vanderburg, who worked with the Otago Museum team on the exhibition. The Vanderburgs, who spent many years living and working in Nigeria and Ghana, have been thrilled to be able to see their collection displayed for the enjoyment of others.

“We have been very fortunate to be able to develop West Africa: Rhythm + Spirit for the people of Otago, and to make it free for everyone to enjoy,” says Chief Executive Shimrath Paul. “The exhibition lets visitors to get up close to cultural treasures and discover an exciting and diverse region.”

The exhibition now begins a tour through other museums, beginning with Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures, Porirua.

Check out Otago Museum’s website for more information.

West Africa: Rhythm + Spirit

Until Sunday 22 November 2009

Special Exhibitions Gallery, Otago Museum, FREE!

Image: Yoruba ibeji figures carved on the death of a twin, Nigeria