Discover Kāpiti Heritage Day – a great success!

By Allan Carley, Chairman, Discover Kāpiti Heritage Group

The Discover Kāpiti Heritage Group, which consists of seven museums along the Kāpiti coast, first met at the beginning of October 2013 as a result of an initiative by one of the Group Museums in conjunction with the Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC). After a number of planning meetings the Discover Kāpiti Heritage Day was held on Sunday 19th January 2014 from 10am to 4pm.

A total of 623 visitors attended the Day, with enthusiastic feedback. Several museums offered food and drink (at a reasonable price) or had staff dress up in period costume – which was great fun.

Kapiti Coast Museum staff dressed for the day.

Kāpiti Coast Museum staff dressed for the day

Attendances varied but the Kāpiti Coast Museum received 151 visitors, Museum of Aviation received 96 visitors (which represented around 30% of their average annual visitor numbers in the one day) and 134 visited Steam Incorporated on a day in which they would not normally be open.

Kapiti Coast Museum staff dressed for the day


Sponsorship was obtained by the Group with considerable assistance from the KCDC. A website was established, along with a Facebook page. The Day was advertised on five radio stations – including 3 live interviews on Beach FM – and newspaper advertising was placed in Kāpiti and the Manawatu. Other social media such as Event Finder, What’s on, the KCDC own website ran in conjunction with highway billboard advertising. This made the public aware of the event and greatly contributed to its success.

Discover Kapiti Ticket

Discover Kapiti Ticket

The Discover Kāpiti Heritage Day ticket. By visiting three museums, visitors could enter a prize draw.


Visitors who attended three or more museums on the Day were eligible to go into a draw for one of the 14 sponsored prizes. The tickets – with attendee’s contact details – provided the Group with valuable analytical information. We surveyed how visitors learned of the event, noted comments on the exhibitions and what could be done differently next time. This valuable feedback has been taken on board as part of the planning for the next event. Everyone interviewed replied “Yes” when asked the question “Would you return if another event such as this were held again”.

The day itself was fun and as a group we work well together. Looking forward to the next event!

Allan Carley


Discover Kāpiti Heritage Group