Curious and Curiouser at the Museum of Wellington City & Sea

On Saturday 1 May, The Museum of Wellington City & Sea again hosted its Curiosity Roadshow.  Brought back by popular demand, Wellington’s own version of Antiques Roadshow gave the public the opportunity to dig out their own treasures and curios and have them appraised by experts Simon Manchester and Peter Wedde.


Held to coincide with the final month of the Museum’s 10th birthday exhibition 10 Years in Wonderland, which showcases the more unusual objects from the Museum collection in a Mad Hatter Tea Party setting, Curiosity Roadshow saw a plethora of people turn up with all sorts of interesting items. Among the more memorable was a necklace which included a beak from the extinct Huia and a set of lawn bowls inscribed with what appeared to be a Nazi Swastika, but turned out to be an Indian good luck symbol.

Members of the public were also encouraged to donate any items that may have been of significance to Wellington’s history. Museums Wellington Director Brett Mason says ‘as Wellington’s city museum we are always interested in discovering new Wellington stories and we see this type of public programme as a perfect way to not only find out more intriguing tales about our city but also to encourage people at home to realize that they could house an interesting and important link to Wellington’s past’.

With a classic vehicle display featuring several stunning vintage cars and Big Yellow Caravan in concert, the Curiosity Roadshow proved such a success that the Museum is now contemplating holding the event annually – so if you missed out, there’s always next time.

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Image: Simon Manchester and Peter Wedde examine and appraise a visitor’s curios object