Colourful collaboration between Whanganui Regional Museum and Sarjeant Gallery

'Colour' exhibition at Whanganui Regional MuseumColour, an exhibition drawn from the collections of the Whanganui Regional Museum and the Sarjeant Gallery.

From the monochrome to the many coloured, this exhibition spans two collections and two venues and puts colour on display through a diverse array of artworks and objects from your local museum and gallery and collections.

Colours describe how something looks, but they also have cultural meanings. In putting this exhibition together, well known freelance curator Damian Skinner and Sarjeant Gallery Curator/Public Programmes Manager Greg Donson say “they have tried to think of colour broadly, as appearance, and as abstract associations. They say every now and then you will find an object in the exhibition that is a different colour to the rest of the objects in that section. This isn’t a mistake, but a way of pointing out the different dimensions that colours have in human societies.

Colour exhibition at the Sarjeant Gallery

The exhibition features eleven colours. At the Museum you will find black, red, yellow, blue, green and white, while at the Sarjeant Gallery you’ll see grey, pink, purple, brown and orange. By mixing up artworks and objects – from the smooth surface of a marble sculpture, to the scaly or iridescent shell of a bug – this exhibition looks at how colour shapes our response to the environment, to each other, and to the things that surround us in our lives.

Colour opened on Saturday 23 May and is on display at the museum until late October.

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Image 1: Colour, Whanganui Regional Museum

Image 2: Colour, Whanganui Regional Museum