1913 Waterfront Strike – the power of public programmes

By Rachel Ingram, Learning and Programmes Manager, Museums Wellington

Strikers and Special Constables surprised and amazed the lunchtime crowds in Wellington as the Museum of Wellington City & Sea, Labour History Project and Alexander Turnbull Library commemorated the centenary of the 1913 Great Strike with a parade that travelled form the Museum to Parliament.

1913 Waterfront Strike

The Parade was the most visible in a series of public programmes designed to bring the strike to the attention of the public in both an informative and entertaining fashion. The three organisations programmed a series of walks, talks and events – as well as an exhibition – in a collaboration that extended to involve local and international historians, history enthusiasts, unions, and the Brass Razoo Solidarity Band.

Staged on November 5, a significant date in the 2 month long struggle.

1913 Waterfront Strike

(Alongside her colleague Kim Young – Marketing Manager at Museums Wellington – Rachel is currently running a series of workshops based upon the ServiceIQ unit standard Develop a Proposal for a Museum Public Programme. Walking the talk Rachel!)